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4 Reasons to Read "A" Is for the Alchemist, Anna Backhaus, MOMAHA, Omaha World Herald, "...fictional work of genius..."

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 5 Stars (Out of 5)

In “A” Is for the Alchemist, James Larson has written a wild adventure that defies prediction. Children and young adults will enjoy the well-written characters and numerous zany inventions.  Larson also includes something to spark almost any reader’s interest. In less than three hundred pages, the author incorporates such diverse elements as a mysterious castle-like house, ominous fog-like beings, sheet music with swirling notes, a computer tablet with astounding applications, two starving rats, a flock of buzz-saw-like birds, and a mysterious superhero. This level of exciting, imaginative detail makes for an action-packed novel that will keep readers guessing.  Larson’s fast-paced, fantastic book also manages to address the important themes of failure and cowardice. Winslow fails his football team at a crucial moment but ultimately saves the day. Likewise, Amulet, who lives for years believing that his cowardice doomed his beloved brother to a terrible fate, becomes a hero. At the same time, Cavalcade, who repeatedly calls Amulet a coward, learns what it feels like to be afraid. Even Dr. Lodestone’s twisted nature stems in part from his fear of failure.  “A” Is for the Alchemist is a promising start to Larson’s new series, which will appeal to children and young adults seeking an action-packed novel with some fantastic twists.

--Clarion Review

 Two audacious children, a pet cat and a homeless dog overcome an evil scientist in Larson’s first series installment for middle-grade readers.  The book’s plot wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! The high-spirited kids face a series of hair-raising scares, including a battle with a mechanical hawk that can turn things into molten, metallic scrap. The wacky adventure manages to fit together in the end, with each member of the eccentric cast playing a valuable part. The story is engaging enough to keep readers guessing until the end.  A well-paced story with all the ingredients to keep kids enthralled.

--Kirkus Review

Larson’s new book, “A” is for The Alchemist, is an absolute joy, a book seemingly written by a seasoned literary veteran rather than a first-time novelist. Vivid, fun, young characters, dastardly antagonists, a frolicking adventure and, yes, some lovable and pitch-perfect animal characters. 

 Robert Nelson, Omaha Magazine



“A” IS FOR THE ALCHEMIST:  Young Winnie and her brother Winslow find their brilliance and bravery tested when they face a mad scientist intent on turning base metal into gold –however many lives it costs.  Now Available

 “B” IS FOR THE BRAIN-SNATCHERS:  Winnie is ace of the STEM club, when the unthinkable happens – her brainpower vanishes one day before the spelling bee; now her brother Winslow must help her get it back.  Coming Feb. 2015

 “C” IS FOR THE CAT PEOPLE:  Cavalcade has been Winnie’s loyal cat, until the Cat People try to win Cavalcade’s loyalty, along the secret of Zero-C.  Will the cat choose Winnie or the Cat People?  Coming Sept. 2015

 D” IS FOR THE DOG FIGHTERS FROM OUTER SPACE:  Amulet the homeless dog found a place to live with Talisman’s, but his twin brother needs a home too; will Amulet have the courage to help Omega escape?  Coming Feb. 2016